Section 1: Learn how to set up a double end bag in your gym or home gym, I show you what size gloves are best to use to maximize speed and clean technique. You will also learn the basics on how to start working the double end bag in this section.
Section 2: With a smaller diameter comes a bigger challenge. In this section I continue to break down punching technique on the double end bag showing you how to control the bag so it doesn't control and frustrate you!
Section 3: The 5 inch diameter bag is fast! This is great for developing speed and power. I also teach you how to develop defense with it, particularly head movement. You will also learn how to jab, throw a right hand ( south paw, a left.) and left hook. I also show you how to throw the upper cut on the double end bag in this section. It's a challenge, so... Are you up to it??
Section 4: Mexican Style Double Double End Bag: This bag is great for developing sick body head combos and I teach you how to do just that in this section. You will also learn how to jab low and high on this bag and even how to go to the body with hooks. Every gym in my opinion must have a Mexican style double double end bag, now you will learn why and more in this section.
Section 5: 3 inch Reflex Reactive Bag/Ball. Progression to different sizes of these bags is a must to prevent adaption. This tennis ball size bag will challenge your hand/eye coordination and punching accuracy like no other. In this section I teach you how to effectively work it as it brings the best out in you.
Section 6: Reactive Bag. This bag is the hardest to time and hit, it's like timing to time a slick elusive sparring partner. It will develop your punching timing and hand eye coordination to dominate levels. In this section, I teach and demonstrate to you how.
Bonus Section: Learn advanced defensive techniques to develop on the double end bag, parrying being one of them. The double end bag is a great defensive tool as well as a great offensive tool. In this section I teach you advanced offensive and defensive techniques to take your boxing performance to new heights.

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